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Your baby's delicate skin is our main priority.

We create gentle, modern, and stylish bamboo products with your little one's skin in mind.

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When my son was born, he had severe eczema and was diagnosed with chronic hives..

The Solution

I wanted to make sure this never happened to another child the way it happened to mine.

I thought of all the other mothers dealing with these same restless nights, doing their best to soothe their children.

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"Bamboo, The Softest For Your Baby's Skin"

My daughter loves the toddler blanket! She sleeps with it every night and uses it as a movie blanket in the living room. Not only does my daughter love the blanket, our cat does too.

T. Hong

My son uses the lovey all the time. We changed it to his favorite pacifier and now that he's teething, it's great to use it to wipe his excess drool.


I bought their onesie at the baby show and they are so thoughtfully designed by the owner! Especially being a new mom and not knowing all the little details that I would need for my little one to make my life easier. Thank you for putting all the experiences that you went through into this product!

J. Leung

Made With Love

From One Mama To Another

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